Get This Eggcellent Egg Bite Maker and Make Breakfast a Little More Tasty

Egg Bite Maker | $25 | Amazon

If you’re an eggy enthusiast, this is the deal for you, get perfect sous vide style egg bites right at home and save a little on a delicious snack. Amazon has this lil egg bite maker on sale for $25; that’s $5 less than it usually is. This sale is only for the teal color.

In mere minutes, get the egg bites of your dream with this rapid egg cooker. It’s easy to operate and prevents any user error of over or undercooking. It’s so simple that even kids can use it. But it’s not just for yolky goodness; you can also use it for mini cheesecakes and desserts. If you get stuck, no worries, it comes with a recipe book to help. You’ll also get four silicone molds, and one big mold. I’ll get a one-year warranty, and it’s lightweight and easy to clean—everything you want in a kitchen appliance.

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Источник: Lifehacker