Busta Rhymes Goes Off On Masks and Government Lockdowns

Good evening and welcome to yet another episode of Celebrities Say the Dumbest Things! I’m your host, One Tired Writer.

Amid the ever-growing bucket of famous people adding their two cents to the Piggy Bank of Pandemic Ignorance, our latest contributor is none other than hip hop icon Busta Rhymes.

In a recently resurfaced video posted to Twitter, the “What’s It Gonna Be” rapper can be seen going on a mini-rant over masks, government-mandates and lockdowns.

“This is my second show in front of human life in the last 15 fucking months, COVID can suck a d-ck. All these little weird ass policies and mandates can suck a d-ck. They tryna take our civil liberties away. Feels good to be back outside. WE OUTSIDE FORREAL,” Busta began.

Umm, I’m sorry but—when have niggas not been outside during this pandemic? Folks have been traveling, going to Tulum, Santorini, the moon, and their neighbors’ backyard barbecues since last year. I mean, they’re even out here using milk crates as stair masters now because they just wanna be outside SO BAD. Folks have BEEN outside, okay? But I digress.

Instead, I’d like to move onto a segment called “Woo Hah! WTF Did He Just Say?” How it’s gonna work is, when you hear something that doesn’t make sense, can’t believe or can easily be disproved—you just blurt out “Woo Hah!” Got it?

Let’s try it out with more of what Busta said:

“It’s called the God-given right to freedom, right? No human being supposed to tell you you can’t even breathe freely. Fuck your mask.”


“I’m sayin’, some of y’all might feel differently. Fuck your mask. I can’t rhyme to you with a mask on. You can’t eat food with a fucking mask on. You can’t even see each other’s smile with a mask on. Damn, yo.”


“I come from a time to where before I even used to wanna holla at a chick, I used to have to do shit with my face to let her know I’m into her.”


Alright! It looks like you got the hang of it! Let’s move on to my favorite part of the show now, Hip Hop Hotep. This is where we like to find different members of the hip hop community and blast them for their hotepian-esque beliefs and downright ignorant ass comments. Luckily for us, Busta also gave us some fodder to work with on that front, too:

“All of that energy gets blocked when your mask is on. Energy is important and we are all conductors of good fucking energy. We also gotta be clear when a mothafucka tryna give you BAD ENERGY. You can tell from only the expression on they face. I wanna see your face, fuck your mask. I’m sorry I got a little political and shit, I miss my people. We gotta talk. We can party but we gotta talk. We gotta communicate, we gotta establish new understandings.

Fuck that, I ain’t going through that shit again. And make sure y’all prepared too. ‘Cuz if anything came outta this mothafucka was a lot of learning. I learned so much shit in this little time off. One thing that came good outta this fucking shutdown, I have become more empowered. And this energy right here is un-fuckwithable. They can’t fuck with us when we together like this.”

*inhales deeply*

Because I really feel like my explanation should be done in true Busta form, just imagine everything I’m about to say said at like 5x the speed, okay?

I don’t know when we as a society decided to look at celebrities as experts on everything but I really need us to stop it. It’s already bad enough trying to convince the ones you actually know and love in real life to do what’s right and what’s best for everyone by wearing masks, socially distancing, GETTING THE VACCINE. And it doesn’t help when someone with mega influence starts spewing more ignorance and discouraging people to do the very shit that can help us all get out of this hellhole.

I honestly don’t get it. Busta and people like him are really out here trying to equate a piece of cloth to serious oppression or an infringement on rights. NO ONE is telling you you can’t breathe freely. Literally, no one has said that. We’re trying to minimize the spread of a fucking deadly virus that has killed over 630,000 people nationally in the last year. That’s it. How TF do you understand the importance of telling kids to cough in their elbow so they don’t spread germs to others around them but not covering up your own mouth to keep from doing the same thing? Make. It. Make. Sense.

Because right now, no matter how you put it down, flip it and reverse it: it just doesn’t. Continuing to be and spread this type of ignorance at a time when cases are steadily rising and children are dying is starting to become just as dangerous as the damn virus itself. And I don’t know about you, but I, for one, would rather not fight two pandemics at the same time. This one is bad enough.

Источник: Lifehacker